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Notapor DanteChoi » 29 Feb 2016 13:16 ... tion-sale/
Your chance to own part of the epic collection.

Radio France is to auction part of its enormous 1.5 million-record collection this summer.

Accumulated since the station was founded over forty years ago, the collection has assumed mythic status as one of the most impressive archives in the country, kept hidden away near Porte d’Aubervilliers in the north of Paris.

Engaged in a process of digitising the archive, the epic sound library will begin to shake up its collection by selling off 5,000 records at its Maison de la Radio HQ in June, with further sales expected to follow.

As deputy director of documentation and head of the Radio France discography Marc Maret told Trax: “This is not a dead collection. It is alive and well, is used every day, and is affiliated to a music platform that allows its distribution.”

Excitingly, rather than using this as an opportunity to cull all their Al Jarreau and Herb Alpert doubles, it sounds as if there might be some pretty tasty records going up for sale.

Maret ellaborates: “An electronic selection has been present since it started at in the ’60s, but we prefer no style. Jazz, classical, rock also have their place in this sale.” A good moment to stock up on some classic musique concrète perhaps.

The first auction will take place on 19th June, but you can get a glimpse of what you might find as Madlib rummages through the collection in this lovely little video. [via Trax]

Madlib dans Radio Vinyle #32 sur France Inter by radiofrance

Photo: Radio France / Christophe Abramowitz

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Notapor tony_bennett » 29 Feb 2016 14:51

Por dios, las cosas que puede haber ahi..!!! Debe ser impresionante esa colección. Seguramente debe ser igual o mejor que la de Leon Leavitt o Anthony Pearson, dos gigantes del coleccionismo de jazz.

Gracias por postearlo Dante.

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